What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a drug that has long been used as an anesthetic in veterinary and pediatric medicine. Ketamine, also known as ketamine hydrochloride, was developed to create anesthetics. It is used as an anesthetic by doctors and vets.

Chemically speaking, Ketamine can be grouped together with PCP. Ketamine is sold largely as Ketalar and people mostly refer to it in different terms for example, Ketter, Special K, Lady K, Vitamin K or simply K.

Ketamine has been around for many decades and was mainly used in veterinary medicine. It is known for its anesthetic and analgesic or pain relieving qualities and has been used to relieve pain in domestic animals. The drug has an ability to distinguish irritability and perception. Ketamine can be injected or given orally. It can be changed into a powder by allowing the liquid part to evaporate by exposing it to heat.

The white substance, which remains after evaporation, can be smoked or injected. When Ketamine is introduced into the body, the consumer starts feeling its intense effects after a short period of time.

What is Ketamine

Taking Ketamine usually heightens emotions; for example, when you are happy, your good humor will be magnified and likewise when you are sad or angry. Ketamine is manufactured in liquid form. Medically, Ketamine can be grouped as NMDA receptor antagonist. Ketamine has dissociative anesthesia and thus can used for recreational purposes.


Ketamine has a wide range of uses in addition to being used as an anesthetic. Other uses include: sedation especially in intensive care; analgesia; the treatment of depression in patients with disorders such as bipolar disorder and patients who suffer from major depression. It has antidepressant which fights it back easily than other antidepressants. Ketamine is often combined with Ecstasy and used as a recreational drug. Ketamine causes feelings of isolation and heightens emotions.

Ketamine has many adverse effects on its user depending on the quantity consumed. It causes analgesia, hallucinations, high blood pressure, short concentration span, impaired learning, delirium amnesia, visual problems, respiratory surfaces and bronchi dilation. It is a chiral compound and it is mostly prepared by racemic. Since Ketamine raises the heart rate and blood pressure, it is used as an anesthetic in surgery to reduce the pain.

In veterinary medicine, it is used as an anesthetic on domestic animals to reduce the pain.

Ketamine is co-analgesic and its effects are optimized when used together with a low-dose opioid. This combination of ketamine with opioid is used to reduce the pain caused by cancer. Ketamine is a non-competitive NMDA, and it has different combining abilities. For instance, (S)-ketamine is four times greater than PCP.

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